Monday, January 14, 2008

New Years Eve 2007!

photo image by Dave S.

So this New Years I was forwarded a gig by a mutual magician named Geoff Kanick and he pointed me towards a alcohol free and family event called Tacoma First Night. It was a great event, I help to provide 3 stilt walkers in which we shared our type of interactive theatrical ambiance. So Shannon Lindberg, Asraiya Deyo, and myself headed on down to Tacoma Washington to entertain the masses.....and we did, and they loved us, and we loved doing it.

photo taken by Joseph Kapler

This was the first time in my career as a entertainer since 1999 that I have ever been asked these various questions-

"Why did you choose this as a career?"
"What made you want to do this as a job?"
"Why did you decide to do something like as a source of income?"

photo by Joseph Kapler

To which I replied to those questions-
"Well after 37 years on this planet I figured it was about time for me to take a different perspective on my life and all that is around me!"

There was a great Reggae band that pretty much closed the show, I danced my butt of on stilts to the amazement of the crowd, and most likely have ended up in many a family albums.

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