Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kirsty Little and Bob Collins

''We are really very down to earth people. We just love to shop stilt we drop, like everyone else. And we would rather be photographed for a friendly community magazine like N16 than Vogue or Harpers and Queen.''

The leggy stunner was proudly parading her new boyfriend Bob, a contemporary dancer from Finchley, who she is teaching to stilt-walk. 'He is doing jolly well ­ teetering on the edge of professionalism', she said.

''He really knows how to live the high life. He bought me a French-stick at The Cooler, which was really romantic. "

All my other boyfriends have just wanted to take me drinking at the Tup and get me legless, but Bob just takes me up and is all leg. Must dash now, we're off to The Forum in Kentish Town to do a gig at the House of Fun club night.'

For more on Kirsty Little and Bob Collins click on their names and you will see the article in it's original context!

Walking Tall!

When the Rock wanted to promote his new movie "Walking Tall" He contacted Damon Entertainment to provide stilt walkers for a two city promotional tour, Here they are in front of Verssace's house in South Beach

Taking a break!

Photo by Amanda Buckiewicz.

Yonge Street is bustling with all things wacky as the first annual Toronto Just For Laughs festival takes over the city. The street festival kicked off last night with a free Russell Peters show with guests Jo Koy and the Doo Wops. Dundas Square was packed with more than 15,000 people eager to be entertained by the comics, and they definitely were not disappointed. After the show the crowd stuck around to be entertained by dozens of performers doing everything from stilt-walking to acrobatics to balloon costumes. It was almost overwhelming at times with how utterly awesome it was.

And as you can see, even stilt walkers need to take a break from time to time, the longest I have been up on a pair is 3 hours straight...and that was long enough!


Moko Jumbies first protected believers from evildoers. Originally a West African tradition, men and women on gigantic stilts would dress in long gowns and masquerade as gods. Gods can look down on humanity from above, and foresee danger better than mere mortals. The stilt-walkers would collect donations, from revelers and onlookers on second-story balconies.

They now dance in the streets of Trinidad and Tobago for every Carnival. ‘Moko’ is the name of the an old African god, ‘the diviner.’ ‘Jumbies’ - ‘ghosts’ - was added by the emancipated slaves. After decades of decline, a man by the name of ‘Dragon’ Glen de Souza actually revived the Moko Jumbie tradition in the early 1990s, in an effort to teach children how to dance.

Stilt Walking Victorian Policemen

I really would love to see these guys in action. This photo is courtesy of Phillippe and Philloppe
some fine entertainers out of the UK!

Stilted views from the Playa!!

So here is a great shot of some stilt dancers at the Black Rock desert celebrating a sunset stroll for Burning Man. I have yet to experience this event, but I do have some wonderful ideas for creatures that may stroll the playa in the night...but that is another story!