Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kirsty Little and Bob Collins

''We are really very down to earth people. We just love to shop stilt we drop, like everyone else. And we would rather be photographed for a friendly community magazine like N16 than Vogue or Harpers and Queen.''

The leggy stunner was proudly parading her new boyfriend Bob, a contemporary dancer from Finchley, who she is teaching to stilt-walk. 'He is doing jolly well ­ teetering on the edge of professionalism', she said.

''He really knows how to live the high life. He bought me a French-stick at The Cooler, which was really romantic. "

All my other boyfriends have just wanted to take me drinking at the Tup and get me legless, but Bob just takes me up and is all leg. Must dash now, we're off to The Forum in Kentish Town to do a gig at the House of Fun club night.'

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Ric said...

Hi Kirsty... I came across this by accident! its Ric here, still putting up posters too. email me on as soon as you can manage!