Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michelle Rainbow Dave Frost

So some years ago I did a 13.5 mile marathon on wooden "Chinese pole" stilts for the Hope and Healing foundation, a wonderful breast cancer foundation that helps curb some of the needs of those with this particular cancer. But what does this have to do with Michele you may ask? Well, it warms my soul to learn of other stilt walkers that use their talents for purposes such as this and this brings us to Michele, I found Michele via Facebook and I am glad our cyber paths have crossed. Here is her story~

Residing out of Kempston, United Kingdom she got the news that she was offered a charity place for the London Marathon. It was a spur of the moment idea for her to email the charity to see if they had spaces going, and now they got back to her saying some of their runners had dropped out. So she decided to do it...... on stilts!!!

She was running for Reach, a charity that looks after children born with upper limb deficiencies and needed to raise a minimum of £750 for the charity and event. The plan is to do the marathon on 4ft poles, and to be wearing bright clothing on which would be the names of everyone who donated towards this!

Well, yes she did the London Marathon April 2008, and with it's completion found herself officially in the Guinness Book of World records 2009 edition for completing the fastest marathon on stilts in 8hours and 25minutes!

So with last years marathon under her belt she has decided to do the 2009, and you may help her with donations if you click this link "Help Michelle!"it will take you to the proper page and you may donate what you can to help her on her path. Kudos to you my dear! And I am happy to say your inspiration awakened a part of me that has been a sleep for a bit of time, thank you my dear.

Below is a image of me and one of the founders of the foundation I walked, now it was only 13.5 miles and I completed it in 5hrs and 15minutes, and then Michelle informed me recently that she had to do a half marathon before the real thing (13.1 miles) and that it took her 4 hours all of them on 4ft pegs. Way to go my dear!

So my fellow readers, if there is a will there is definitely a way, and giving is well worth the receiving. I hope this inspires others to use their skills in ways to better the world as a whole than just for themselves.

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