Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Variety of....

The design on the right is a basic idea on how to create a pair of stilts without a shin guard which IS needed in order to walk in them, this design can be fabricated out of
2X2's, 2X4's, and plywood with a more detailed blueprint.
The version to the left is a stilt having multiple-articulating, three segment base provides enhanced stability and a better translation of walking forces. The intermediate base segment is attached to both toe and heel base segments in a manner that permits relative rotational movement between each segment. Providing an intermediate base segment having a length that is equal to or greater than the toe and heel base segments enables a more natural forward translation of walking forces, instead of requiring the heel to absorb most of the energy as in previous stilt designs. It's a patented design that was created by Jeff Jay of Stiltwerks-inc. and check out the finished product.

The bottom image shows a version of a pegged stilt that is created by a company out of Australia called Juggleart.
Tradition in the circus would call these a modern "Chinese Poll" since this company is creating these out of aluminum, with their own version of a back calf support leading into the shin guard, or a back calf guard which is of a French design. These can also be made out of wood by a skilled craftsman and the image also shows shoes bolted into the foot beds, which do help with a secured support for ones foot....but can be quite unconventional when the wearer is ready to remove their stilt, for someone has to carry a spare pair of shoes or have them stashed close by.

I posted these pictures to give one a general idea of the variety of stilts that a person can wear, if they find themselves interested in taking up or learning such a skill. As I always say,"You definitely get a different perspective on life when walking on stilts!".

And the above design came from a Build Your Stilts Site that one can check out for further detail.

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