Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Historic Stilt Walkers

These images are from www.stiltwalker.com where there is a great man doing the best he can to inform others of stilt walkers all over this land too! He has a great archive of stilt walking history posted on his site dating from 1891 to just a few years ago.

"Over 40,000 miles walked on stilts. 27 years a stilt walker - age 49 years. Human Skyscraper 11 1/2 feet to top of hat. "Hi-Jack Redmond the world's most famous long distance stilt walker and motion advertiser. Atlantic City, N. J. to California to New York City and return my longest and last hike"

Nationally Famous and only long distance stilt Walker. Over 30 years a National Advertiser, and hiked 55,000 miles along highways - thru U. S.A. - delivering messages for friends, relatives and officials along routes on stilts. Now enroute Hollywood, California, to New York City, Atlantic City and return- a 10,000 mile hike. Favors appreciated. Yours truly, J. France Redmond"

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