Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The messengers from Yuoclund

They play games and rituals and reveal their philosophy and their way of life with much humour and gentleness. It’s an imaginary and humoristic reconstitution of a disappearing world by 3 stilt men and their guide speaking a universal language. Our aim is to improve the relationship between men and animals, often based on domination, training, and brutality and to question other forms of communication, more open, more equal and more respectful. Better than the costumes and the physical performance on stilts we have the ambition to create a better harmonious world and to bring joy. Our shepherd’s mother language is Yuocmyn; but he had to adapt to the European public and learn some basic French, English and Spanish. It is this invented language that you can understand or not which gives the show an international dimension. Check out their page for more info, this is really neat stuff!

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mordicai said...

Yeah-- those are wistful & awesome.