Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dr.Seuss and stilts!

The top cover is the Hebrew edition, and the bottom one is of course...the English, this is one of the few Dr. Seuss books that I have yet to read, but the summary goes like this-

In an island kingdom, King Birtram of Binn dedicates himself to safeguarding the populace which lives in a precarious existence.

This is because the kingdom has a bowl shaped terrain with the floor below sea level, surrounded by water. The only thing holding back the water from completely consuming the land is the ring of trees that form a natural dam. Unfortunately, there are predator birds, called Nizzards, who continually feed on the trees which could cause a die off that could mean disaster. To control the damage, the King uses an army of cats called the Cat Guard that protects the trees. The management of this army and the maintenance of the treeline occupies much of the King's duties on top of his mundane ones.

However, in the afternoon each day when his regular responsibilities are done, the King enjoys himself with a rigorous cavorting on his personal stilts. The populace does not begrudge this unusual indulgence considering they deeply respect his diligence.

However, the Prime Minister, Lord Droon, spitefully despises the undignified pastime and resolves to put an end to it. To do so, he steals the stilts and convinces the King that he's better off without them. However, the loss of the King's one pleasure puts him into deep melancholy that ruins the morale of the Cat Guard army and the tree guarding is dangerously neglected to the point where flooding is imminent.

However, the King's page boy, who was forced to hide the stilts by the Prime Minister, resolves to return them. While the Prime Minister tries to quarantine him for measles, the boy escapes and rushes to the King using the stilts. At this boon, the King's spirit is renewed and he rallies the Patrol Cat army to save the trees just in time.

At the end, the Prime Minister is imprisoned and the page boy is rewarded with his own pair of stilts to enjoy with the King at the completion of their daily duties.

Thanks to ANSWERS.COM for this fun one!

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