Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome to the land of Awe.

"In 1891, Sylvain Dornon walked 1830 miles between Paris and Moscow on stilts at an average of about 30 miles a day (58 days total)."
The above is a excerpt from the archives of SEVENCOLORS.

It truly amazes me how long this skill has been around, I have been told that there was even a Native American tribe that was known for being stilt walkers, I believe they were located in the Arizona/New Mexico region....I am still in research of the facts.
But I always find it to be quite interesting the many generations of stilt walkers, and how this talent is so spread through out the world. Africa, South America, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Asia, the United Kingdom, and so on and so on.....each place has it's own roots behind this art.
And then there is the many types of different styles of stilts, from the archaic to the new hybrid bio mechanic.....this is definitely a evolution of sorts for ALL cultures, and let's not forget the stilts!
The more I learn the more I am in a constant state of awe.

This is a man in Durbar on 1 stilt from the writings of a boy named Jake who said,"This guy came by three times on stilts. This time he's holding up one stilt while bouncing on the other. The second time he was just walking. The third time he came by with a boy on his shoulders and the boy was not holding on."

And these are African stilt dancers in ceremonial dress.

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